Stratos Creative creates the right solution to achieve your product or service goals.

The demands on today's marketing strategies means hitting a wide array of ever-expanding and evolving technologies. Stratos specializes in using the latest technology and industry standard design and implementation processes. As a small business, we have the advantage of being more available, more cost-effective and less time consuming than the larger agencies who have other priorities and greater overhead.

For a breakdown of all our services, please choose a selection below:


Thinking outside the div.

We build beautiful, CSS standards compliant websites and just about everything else you find online.

Web Design & Media

Custom designed websites that focus on achieving measurable results for your business.

Custom App Development

Dynamic websites and custom web programming in all the latest languages. We dig AJAX and JQuery.

Flash demos, training videos

Custom animations and interactions to deliver your message.

Web Video

Deliver your existing videos online or we can help produce custom videos for your site.

User Experience Development

We work with developers to architect and skin application interfaces for desktop and mobile devices.

Microsite and Landing Pages

Effective tools for PPC campaigns, contests, events, and affinity marketing such as newsletters.

Banner and PPC Advertising

Concept and design Flash, graphic and text banner ads for your business and products.

SEO, SEM, Social Media

Optimize your website for search engines. Analytics and click-back development. Social media campaign consulting.

Usability & Accessibility

Usability and focus group testing to achieve the highest return for your target audience. Optimize your site for accessibility and web standards, section 508, WCAG compliance.

Technical and Web Copywriting

We can help craft your message to convey your ideas clearly and concisely.

E-mail Campaigns & Tracking

Everything from custom designed templates and copywriting to handling your mailing list, distribution and tracking.

PowerPoint & Keynote

Custom designed templates and presentation to WOW your audience.

E-commerce / Shopping Carts

Custom shopping cart development and consulting services.

Web Hosting

Reliable dedicated and shared hosting solutions with built-in support, email with web-based access. Windows and Linux platforms.


Bleeding edge.

Online may be all the rage, but there's just something we all love about being able to touch and feel.

Annual Reports

Customized graphics and unique layouts for financial reports.

Editorial layout

Magazine spreads, covers, and inserts.

Magazine & Newspaper Ads

Provocative and eye-catching ads to make you stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Identity

Everything you need to get started. Logo, letterhead, business cards, envelope design, and even website, in one inclusive package.

Package Design

Product boxes and labels. Click for examples.

Signage & Banners

Indoor and outdoor business facade or banner signage design.

Sales Slicks & Brochures

Flyers, one sheets and pamphlets. There's no brochure too big or too small.

Direct Mail

From simple postcards to full color foldouts and folders, effective design that's anything but junk.


Classic logo, custom die-cut, and business presentation folders


Booth displays, table tops, pop-up free-standing and backdrops.


Outdoor signage requires a different level of attention to reach a fast moving audience.

Table Tents & Menus

Memorable, easy to read, and easy to update specials & event advertisements for the hospitality industry.


Unique calendar layouts designed for a multitude of industries.


A thousand words.

Brushes, pencil, pens and pixels. Give us a canvas, we'll give you art.

Icons & Spot Illustrations

Custom icons for websites and applications to accent layouts.

Traditional Art

Paint on canvas, it doesn't get any more authentic than this. Watercolor, pencils, pastels - we do it all!

Pens & Inks

We often render our ideas by hand before finishing digitally. But it can't always replace the human touch.

Vector Art

We take a sketch, digitize it, and then develop it into art.

Technical Illustration

Hand or digital technical illustrations for products. We can translate CAD drawings to beautiful renderings.

Medical & Scientific Illustration

Exacting attention to detail in all things biological and medical for scientific journals and papers.


Keyframes, shooting, production, presentation boards, for TV ads, programs or movies. Day and Weekly rates available.

Comic Books

From original character to plot development.


Geographic and thematic

Retouching & Compositing

Photograph a product in a studio and put it on a crater on Mars. No problem.


Likenesses for gifts, invitiations, and for fun.

3D Rendering & Animation

3D renderings for products and scenery. Custom illustration from CAD.

I've worked with many firms over the last 30 years at many levels and have never seen a company work so diligently in responding to our needs and giving us the highest quality work in the design and creation of marketing materials. Thanks for your good work. You truly deal in excellence.

Hal Pastner, Houston Hoops